Julia Precompile error

Trying to run a set of commands but getting this error for DifferentialEquations package. What do I do? Thanks in advance
Failed to precompile DifferentialEquations [0c46a032-eb83-5123-abaf-570d42b7fbaa] to C:\Users\amrit.julia\compiled\v1.8\DifferentialEquations\jl_1D9.tmp.

  1. error(::String)@error.jl:35
  2. compilecache(::Base.PkgId, ::String, ::IO, ::IO, ::Bool)@loading.jl:1707
  3. compilecache@loading.jl:1651 [inlined]
  4. _require(::Base.PkgId)@loading.jl:1337
  5. _require_prelocked(::Base.PkgId)@loading.jl:1200
  6. macro expansion@loading.jl:1180 [inlined]
  7. macro expansion@lock.jl:223 [inlined]
  8. require(::Module, ::Symbol)@loading.jl:1144
  9. top-level scope@Local: 1

Please share the rest of the stack trace. What else did it say?