Failing to show unicode character in julia file

I am attempting to use the interpunct (·) unicode character within some code, which should be obtainable using the \cdot TeX command. Tab-completing this command within .jl files gives a blank (whitespace) character but renders correctly inside the REPL. However, I am able to tab-complete other unicode characters, including a very similar command, \cdotp, which works in both .jl files and REPL (see attached image). Combining these behaviours, I feel it safe to conclude that the issue is not related to:

  • Operating system
  • Window manager
  • Julia
  • Text editor
  • Font

This is likely a simple problem with a simple fix but I cannot find anyone else having the same problem and I feel like I have ruled out everything. Any help in diagnosing/fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated!

My setup looks like:
Gentoo Linux 5.10.5
Sway 1.5.1-r1
urxvt 9.22-r7
vim 8.2.0814-r100
julia 1.5.3

I don’t have the problem, but I am using Julia-Vim with the Julia Mono Font.

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@lmiq I’ll be honest, I initially thought your comment didn’t add much but it encouraged me to try out the JuliaMono font (I was already using julia-vim). Lo and behold, it now works - that’ll teach me to be dismissive!

To anyone else experiencing a similar issue, I was using FiraCode font and the lack of this character appears to have been resolved by switching to JuliaMono (linked in the above post).