UnicodeREPL.jl - Type any Unicode character in the REPL

I would like to announce the new package UnicodeREPL.jl which is a REPL enhancement for tab completing any Unicode codepoint to its Unicode symbol. This is useful if you want Unicode symbols that are not in the standard Julia tab completion and not on your keyboard.

You can read more about it at GitHub - GHTaarn/UnicodeREPL.jl: Tab completion of any Unicode codepoint


Interesting package!

It might be worth adding that you can use U to get the glyphs higher than 0xFFFF:

unicode repl> println("\U1D6C1")

It might work well alongside Glyphy.jl too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you :smiley:

Writing Unicode characters in this way inside a string is actually standard Julia syntax, so it works with or without UnicodeREPL.jl

The advantage of UnicodeREPL.jl is that you can tab complete so that you can more clearly see what you are writing before pressing return. UnicodeREPL.jl also works for Unicode characters that are not inside strings. I did write that one can use codepoints of any length, but I will consider including this example in future documentation to make this more clear.

Wow, Glyphy.jl looks like a very useful companion to UnicodeREPL.jl , it has actually gotten me thinking about making some kind of synergy between the two packages, it is certainly worth considering installing Glyphy if one uses UnicodeREPL.

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