Julia in VS Code not recognizing Mathematical Italics Unicode characters

Hello, I am working with code from a co-author and in it are various Unicode characters in Mathematical Italics. Unfortunately in the VS Code editor I’m using, it does not seem to recognize when I type \mitx[TAB] or the Code Point (using this link: Unicode Input · The Julia Language).

The REPL recognizes the character when I type:


in the terminal and returns the correct code point.

However when I type:

? 𝑥

in the REPL terminal, the following message comes up:

Binding 𝑥 does not exist.

I do not have problems using the TAB shortcut for any other characters such as

\alpha \beta \scrA \bfA

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

Works fine for me:


And in the REPL at the bottom:


The “binding does not exist” message just means that you haven’t assigned anything to the identifier in your current session.

Gosh, this was silly on my part. Yes,


also works for me. I was trying to follow the exact tab complection sequence from here (Unicode Input · The Julia Language), which said to write:


Problem solved. Thank you!

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No worries - never seen the site you linked and no idea why there’s an extra m there, but I recommend just copy-pasting unicode characters into the REPL to quickly work out how to type them:

help?> 𝑥
"𝑥 " can be typed by \itx<tab>

Thank you!!

that looks like the manual for Julia version 0.6.2. Better to use a more recent version: Unicode Input · The Julia Language