"Extendable" plot width in Gaston, in Pluto

@mbaz or someone who has used Gaston with Pluto…
I was wondering, how can I extend the plot window in Gaston!
I mean, if the plotted image size is large then, is there any way to get something like this?

Like for example, this is good -

But this is too compact!

Rather than making everything small, a slider would be better… Does Gaston have that yet?
Also @mbaz , if not, is it worth making a feature request as issue for it?

I don’t think such sliders are something that can be controlled from Gaston. The sliders are created and handled by the browser.

In Gaston’s development version, I’ve managed to enable gnuplot’s SVG Javascript in Pluto. This will allow for (crude) zooming in/out in SVG plots. I hope to have a release in a few weeks, but times are busy.

Thanks, that would do!