GraphPlot: how to control the output plot size in Juno's Plots pane?

Dear all,
I’ve been using GraphPlot in Juno IDE environment (add-on on ATOM).

The output from gplot() command in Plots pane in Juno is so small so that it is hard to identify node or edge labels.
Unlike ordinary output from plot() command, zoom in or zoom out options are disabled.
I cannot find any arguments in gplot() to control the overall size of the output plot. Does someone know how?

g = graphfamous("karate")

Is this problem related with GR backend only? I’m curious since I haven’t used other backends…
Thanks in advance…

Confirmed that it seems like zooming won’t work for gplot in Juno.

Best workaround I found for this is to plot to your browser as SVG with Gadfly. That requires the following steps:

  1. Disable plotting to Juno plot pane:
Julia > Settings... > uncheck “Enable Plot Pane”
  1. Plot to Gadfly:
using GraphPlot
using Gadfly
g = graphfamous("karate")

This launches the plot in your zoomable web browser.

Bonus Tip:

If you want the plot to fill the screen, you can use your browser tools to inspect the SVG element and manually delete the width=141.42mm and `height=“100mm” properties. There might be ways to do this automatically in Gadfly, but I haven’t dug that deep. Note that this tweak disables any further zooming in or out, since the SVG will automatically resize to fill the screen. It will also expand to fill the horizontal width, so zoom depth will be greatest with your monitor in landscape orientation (rather than portrait).