Execute code in Julia Markdown in VS code

I’ll be more careful about that in the futre

#this is my document

# Part 1 is about Julia chunks


#notice that this chunk doesn’t work, it should be


Part 2 is on LaTex. This is a heading.

This is a subheading of stuff that works

\textbf{This is not bold text}

This is some text.\textbf{This is some bold text.} \underline{This is underlined text, that is italicized for some reason}

As you can see I am able to accuratly use Julia chunks, so long as I don't capitalize Julia (julia) and I can use LaTex, if it's surrounded by $.

You can’t use syntax like \textbf in markdown. It’s a latex-only syntax, unlike $$ which exists in both latex and markdown.

Did you solve your original problem? Can you run code in julia markdown in VS code?


Yes you did. I see what you mean about latex code, I think there are add ons, but I’m not in need of that now.