Examples of MVC or other UI pattern for Makie

I’m trying to put together a simple GUI using Makie and the latest layout awesomeness and realizing that most of the challenge is figuring out how best to implement something like MVC (Model-View-Controller) or whatever its equivalent would be.

Since the MakieLayout stuff is relatively new (and it’s integration into Make/AbstractPlotting even newer) I’m doubtful there’s much out there yet but I’ll still ask: can anyone point to some good examples of an (ideally relatively simple) example of implementing a GUI with MVC (or MVVM or whatever, I’m not wedded to a particular GUI design pattern)?

What I’m trying so far is creating a UIModel struct containing the data model and a UIView struct with elements that correspond to the UI elements (like Sliders and LScenes) that I want to maintain in sync with the model:

mutable struct UIModel

mutable struct UIView

  # to hold output of labelslidergrid!(scene, ...) 
  # would prefer to give this a type but since the output is a NamedTuple
  # this is a bit clunky to do:

  # same; what's the proper type here? 
  # docs for e.g. mesh!(mesh_object) don't specify return types 

  # ...

Then after constructing the UI elements I create the callbacks:

on(uiview.slidersgrid.sliders[1].value) do
  if !ui_locked(uiview) # checks if uiview.ui_locked = true
    # sets uiview.ui_locked = true to prevent other UI elements' callbacks
    # from being called and resulting in infinite loops:

    on_x_updated!(uimodel, x) # do some logic that updates the UIModel instance based on changes in x
    # update the parts of the UI stored in the UIView instance using
    # things like set_close_to! for updating sliders,
    # translate! for elements of a 3D scene, etc.:
    update_ui!(uiview, uimodel) 

    unlock_ui_elements!(uiview ) # sets uiview.ui_locked = false 

Here’s the actual code that I currently have: src/voyager.jl · master · Patrick Bouffard / SpacecraftVisualization.jl · GitLab

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