Every title in Julia's manual should be identified explicitly

Hi,I’m a one of Japanese transrators of Julia’s manual (https://hshindo.github.io/julia-doc-ja-v0.6/).
Then I have an proposal for Julia’s English Manual ver 1.0 that every title in the manual should be identified explicitly.
What it means,there are two style for reference of markdown

Title                            Reference
"### title"                           "[title](@ref)"
"### title(@id title)"            "[title](@ref title)"

and,their translations are,

"### タイトル"                  "[タイトル](@ref)"
"### タイトル(@id title)"   "[タイトル](@ref title)"

if all translations were finished,then all links would alive,
but If English and Japanese references are mixed,
above style links are broken,but below links are still alive.
so I think every references should be written in below style.

How about this proposal?


I’m surprised at no response such a long time.
I think this proposal is serious and it’s better to do before version 1.0.
Where should I present this proposal?

You mean 8h on Sunday (or late Saturday, depending on timezone)?


I posted the same proposal there.Thank you.

Here’s the link, for reference:


Since each @id must be unique, I’d suggest making it depend not just on the title, but also on all higher-level titles.

# Foo(@id Foo)
## Example(@id Foo-Example)
# Bar(@id Bar)
## Example(@id Bar-Example)

I bet there are hackers out there who could write a Julia function to do this to the entire manual in less than ten lines of code.