Error when Pkg.add("Julia")

I’m really new here.

import Pkg
But get the error.
ERROR: The following package names could not be resolved:

  • Julia (not found in project, manifest or registry)
    Suggestions: julia JuliaZH JuliaDB JuliaCon JuliaFEM JuliaKara JuliaInXL Julia_jll JuliaChem JuliaGrid JuliaBerry

What should I do?

You are already in Julia, you don’t need to add it using Pkg.

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But How can I jump into jupyter notebook?

You are looking for IJulia (note the I), not Julia.


Thanks, what’s the difference between “IJulia” and “Julia”? I use >Pkg.add(“IJulia”) instead, it is right.

The package IJulia exists, Julia doesn’t.

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The name IJulia is probably inspired by IPython, which was the origin of the Jupyter notebook. IPython stands for “Interactive Python”, so you can think of IJulia as an “Interactive Julia”.
Julia is the underlying language that compiles and runs your code. IJulia is a connecting layer that makes it possible to run Julia from Jupyter.