Error updating Julia to 1.10.3 with UpdateJulia on mac?

Hi I’m currently using Julia Version 1.10.2 on a macOS (arm64) Apple M1 Max

I get the following error when trying to update julia to 1.10.3

julia> using UpdateJulia

julia> update_julia()
ERROR: No valid download for "" matching os="macos" and arch="aarch64"
 [1] error(s::String)
   @ Base ./error.jl:35
 [2] v_url(version_str::String, os_str::String, arch_str::String, prefer_gui::Bool)
   @ UpdateJulia ~/.julia/packages/UpdateJulia/nPbih/src/UpdateJulia.jl:125
 [3] update_julia(version::String)
   @ UpdateJulia ~/.julia/packages/UpdateJulia/nPbih/src/UpdateJulia.jl:166
 [4] update_julia()
   @ UpdateJulia ~/.julia/packages/UpdateJulia/nPbih/src/UpdateJulia.jl:161
 [5] top-level scope
   @ REPL[14]:1

Just wondering what I was doing incorrectly and if there was a fix for this. Thank you.

I suggest to use juliaup instead …


Thanks for the heads up! Does this mean that i have to uninstall all previous versions of julia installed via UpdateJulia?

Yes… But adding them back via Juliaup is really simple and fast.


Just to be clear, UpdateJulia.jl is now deprecated and unmaintained:


Sorry i’m having a little trouble accomplishing this. Not all versions of Julia that I have installed appear in the applications folder so I can’t just delete all of them. When I try which julia in the terminal as per this post terminal returns julia not found even though I am currently running 1.10.2 and have installed every version since 1.7.

Also just wondering …will uninstalling previous versions also delete all existing project environments?

find /Applications -iname julia*.app
find ~/Applications -iname julia*.app
If these don’t return all the versions, then you may want to search everywhere:
find / -iname julia*

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awesome thanks so much! I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but each of these commands returns the following from the terminal.

zsh: no matches found: julia*.app
zsh: no matches found: julia*

Even though I have multiple versions installed on the system through UpdateJulia

A Project environment is defined by a Project.toml and Manifest.toml file. These files should live in your project folders, Julia itself at a different location.

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The file of UpdateJulia mentions the following default locations:
Mac /Applications /usr/local/bin ~/Applications ~/.local/bin

On Linux you can also use the command
which julia
to find the currently active julia binary.


Maybe UpdateJulia.jl should publish one more version that has a command to uninstall everything that was ever added by UpdateJulia.jl? That would then allow users to migrate more easily to Juliaup?

CC @Lilith

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UpdateJulia was never a “version-manager”, but rather an installer that mimics the manual install process. Consequently

  • It is possible to install with custom commands into arbitrary locations
  • There is no record or system-impact whatsoever that distinguishes a manual install from an UpdateJulia install.

Therefore, such a tool could, at best, search the whole system for things that look like Julia and try to delete them (possibly with user confirmation)

This doesn’t seem worth the effort to implement (and I don’t have much spare bandwidth to maintain a deprecated package).

Oh, I didn’t understand that. Agreed, in that case it doesn’t make sense to try to solve this via a new package version.