ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: reducing over an empty collection is not allowed

Hi all,
I am not a developer but use Julia for my research as there is an existing nowcasting model.
The model works well for the US data (GDP) but comes with ERROR when I replace (manually) the US GDP dates by country of interest GDP dates.
Replacing these data in excel return error in julia as on the image below .

1- Full Error view

PS: I did even change the sheet but still the same error. It only works for the original USD GDP dates.

This means that some iterable that you were expecting to be non-empty is empty. Sounds like you inadventently created an empty iterable when changing the data (possibly because it’s no longer getting read in correctly). It looks to me like maximum is being called on an empty iterable at readdata.jl on line 173. If I were you I’d look at the object it’s being called on and try to figure out why it’s empty.

Great thanks ExpandingMan,
have a look on this

this is what I found as the error but cannot figure it out on the excel file (wil sent it in the next reply)

Here is the excel file and in yellow the US GDP dates that is impossible to replace even manually

Looks to me like released_months is coming up empty, you’ll probably have to start digging into why that is.

OK thanks ExpandingMan for your help. Going back to struggle :slight_smile:


What is your resolution? Can you post the solution?