ERROR: IOError: when generating exe file

@Gnimuc Could you please help in this?

I am trying to generate exe file for my codes (which organized as below):

inside /scr.folderpackage.jl, I wrote the below

module folderpackage
Base.@ccallable function julia_main()::Cint
      Base.invokelatest(Base.display_error, Base.catch_stack())
      return 1
  return 0

using # all packages
# List of functions called by myfunction()
function myfunction()
# body
end #module

however, after I run create_app, I have the below error:

I have even tried to compile the below demo but I got the below error (given that I could not add PackageCompilerX.jl).

summoning @kristoffer.carlsson

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PackageCompilerX is not in the registry because it was abandoned in favour of PackageCompiler. If you want to use it (although you shouldn’t), you’d have to add it from URL.

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I haven’t seen that last error before. Perhaps try with Julia 1.6.3 instead of 1.6.2.