I fail to run the application MyApp.exe compiled from the minimal example of the package PackageCompiler
The error message can be found here:
# InitError(mod=:micromamba_jll …

Any ideas? - Is this a current situation and I just have to patient?

The purpose of my investigation how to compile a stand alone application is an interactive GLMakie-project.
Does someone know about an example project that can be successfully compiled into an *.exe?

Under Ubuntu 22.04 it is even worse, the compilation crashes …

ERROR: failed process: Process(`gcc '-DJULIA_MAIN="MyApp.julia_main"' [...]

FYI: There’s seemingly a workaround for this already, as you know, explained just now there on github. But for a possible another one:

I guess this means you’re using Python in your code (or if not indirectly in a dependency). I don’t know any other reason for using micromamba[_jll], and I checked its dependents, you can see them (indirect ones) here:

E.g. PythonCall and PythonPlot, so also consider some alternative non-Python code? I’m curious, what was it in your case?

Thanks for your reply!!! - It is the minimal example MyApp.jl provided by the PackageCompiler project-team.
I do not know where to find an example project without this dependency that can be compiled into an executable App via PackageCompiler :frowning:

I do see here:

I guess docs might need to be better after that change. I suppose you can just use a slightly older version of the package, at least for now:

(@v1.8) pkg> add PackageCompiler@v2.1.4

I made a PR to fix this, untested, you can also (git) check out/add that commit:

(@v1.8) pkg> add PackageCompiler#6123f09

Thanks for the proposal!
I did, but the result is more or less the same:

C:\data\julia\tmp\SampleApplication\PackageCompiler.jl\examples\MyAppCompiled\bin>MyApp foo bar --julia-args -t4
  Downloaded artifact: MKL
  Downloaded artifact: MKL
fatal: error thrown and no exception handler available.
InitError(mod=:MKL_jll, error=ErrorException("Unable to automatically download/install artifact 'MKL' from sources listed in 'C:\Users\stefanpofahl\.julia\packages\MKL_jll\3GonY\Artifacts.toml'.
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My PR DID get rid of your error… :slight_smile: You just got MKL_jll related one instead (maybe understandable, just not by me), so I closed my PR. It seems more involved than my simple “fix”. At least I tried, and that PR could be reopened and extended, feel free to fork it. It did pass CI (16? if recall successful, except for this one error, that may have been a false alarm):

CI / test (1.6, x64, windows-latest, true) (pull_request) Failing after 62m

The following helped:

using PackageCompiler; create_app("MyApp", "MyAppCompiled"; incremental = true, include_lazy_artifacts=true)

@ianshmean: Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have a startup.jl you may need to modify the Julia start command like this:

julia -q --startup-file=no --project

I have started a project for a GLMakie based App:

it crushes at the moment, but maybe someone knows how to cure this …