Embedded Julia scripting in SIGVIEW, request for comments


Im am the author of SIGVIEW signal analysis software (commercial, Windows-only, www.sigview.com).

Without any intention to use this forum for some kind of marketing, I wanted to inform you that SIGVIEW now includes a new feature to extend its functionality by using embedded Julia scripts. As far as I know, it is one of the first commercial tools offering such possibility based on Julia - most others use Python, Lua or something else.

The main reasons for our decision for Julia and against Python were the execution speed and the simplicity of embedding in a C++ application. The technical part of the integration was surprisingly easy. On the other side, we are still fighting for the acceptance on the user side – still many questions of the “Why didn’t you use Python?” type…

I would really love to hear your opinions about this integration from a technical or any other point of view.

For a fast glimpse at the features, you can take a look at our online help, for example here: https://sigview.com/help/Basicprinciples.html. A general introduction in Julia for our customers can be found at https://sigview.com/help/AboutJuliaLanguage.html, including “Why Julia?” chapter.

You can download a fully functional 21 days trial from www.sigview.com/download.htm if you want to test it (beware, it is Windows-only).

If some of you would like to have more time to test and would like to provide us some technical feedback, just let me know and I will provide you a free SIGVIEW license.

Best regards
Goran Obradovic
CEO SignalLab


Also, there is a 5 minutes YouTube screencast demonstrating the use of Julia in SIGVIEW: https://youtu.be/-m2ZFPemSUg

Best regards