Emacs users should know about julia-max-block-lookback



yeah- don’t use 5000. that’s too small a number.
10000 is better.
mystery of why my indentation was failing in the middle of a file solved.

in emacs’ julia mode

(defcustom julia-max-block-lookback 5000
  "When indenting, don't look back more than this
many characters to see if there are unclosed blocks.

This variable has a moderate effect on indent performance if set too
high, but stops indenting in the middle of long blocks if set too low."
  :type 'integer
  :group 'julia)

edit: backticks + which editor it is (doesn’t everybody use emacs ?)


What is the context here? Which editor?


Possibly Emacs.

@purplishrock, please quote with backticks. Also, cf this issue. I just made a comment there and will make a PR after some discussion.


great! thanks for linking that issue.

i think 20000 would make a good default.

the largest file i have in my current project is 22000 characters and i consider it to be too large and in needing of some refactoring.