Elongated scene

Why i have elongated scene with code

ts, tf = 1, 9000000
idx, idy, idz = 2, 1, 3
xl, yl, zl = labels3d(idx,idy, idz)
f = Figure(resolution = (1200, 900))
ax = LScene(f[1, 1])

lines!(tr[ts:tf, idx], tr[ts:tf, idy], tr[ts:tf, idz], linewidth = 1.0, color = :green)
#lines!(tr1[ts:tf, idx], tr1[ts:tf, idy], tr1[ts:tf, idz], linewidth = 0.5, color = :blue)

scatter!(fp[1][idx], fp[1][idy], fp[1][idz], markersize = 10, color = :red)

Because LScene doesn’t scale your data to fit. If you plot a Rect3f(Point3f(0), Vec3f(1, 1000, 1000)) for example, you’ll get a very thin board, not a square-ish shape.
If you want your data to be scaled to fit you can either use Axis3 or try scale!(ax.scene, 1, 100, 100) with whatever parameters make sense in your case.

Thank you. I use LScene to be able to zoom. Axis3 unfortunately does not do it.