Makie LScene grid always on background

In Makie, is it possible to configure an LScene so that its grids behave like the ones of an Axis3 and remain in the background of the plot.
I largely prefer the looks of the LScene grids for most of my plots (involving meshes mostly) but it is really annoying to have 3 faces a bit lost because of the grid overlay.

As an example plot(rand(10),rand(10),rand(10) results in (a nice)

After rotating around the Z direction by ~180° I get this (somewhat ugly) result


f = Figure()
ax = Axis3(f[1,1])


and after rotation

Just out of curiosity: How do you rotate the scene?

At the moment, I do that in GLMakie, manually

The LScene grid is super barebones and doesn’t have that capability. But you can change the styling of Axis3 to match it if you want? Or what is it visually that you prefer?

Well, it may be another way to put this indeed. If you have any ideas how to make a LScene-lookalike, please share :).

Have you checked the docstring of Axis3 or the theming docs page? There you can check which visual attributes there are and how some of them look

Well, yes, but the main things I am interested in, are the ability to zoom in the plot (as said above, I work with meshes) and to respect the aspect ratio of the objects I am plotting. Both these properties do not seem to be available with Axis3, are they ?

aspect ratio yes, zoom no. Aspect ratio can be set via aspect like described here

I meant aspect ratio in the sense that if you want the plotted axes to fill the plot area, you have to use stretch, which hence does not maintain aspect ratio, but you are right.

The only thing I’m interested in the Axis3 behavior is the ability to move the grids to the background when appropriate, but sadly I seems to be tied to that block.