Eindhoven - travel and advice

I am very pleased to see Juliacon 2024 is taking place in Eindhoven.
I worked there for over a year at ASML. Eindhoven has many high tech companies, and is planned that way. It is branded as Brainport.

Travel - the conference venue is a five minute walk (literally) from the railway station.
The whole of the Netherlands is covered by a travel smartcard scheme called the OV Chipkaart. My advice - get one of these on arrival and use it on all trains, trams and buses.

For international air travel there is a direct train from Schipol. Failing that, change at Amsterdam Centraal. That journey takes about 90 minutes.
Many people in the Netherlands commute between cities using trains and bikes.

For arrivals from Europe there is an airport in Eindhoven. There is a frequent bus service which stops between the station and the PSV Eindhoven Stadion.
Remember to buy your OV Chipkaart at the airport!
International trains go to Rotterdam and Amsterdam Centraal (I am sure I have missed some here)
I would advise against hiring a car at Schipol unless you really must. There is an excellent highway system in NL and car parks in Eindhoven.

Things to visit - the old Philips factory is beside the PSV Stadion and is worth wandering around. It is some to startup companies and has some nice cafes etc.


Bars and food:
Eindhoven boasts the longest pub street in NL - the Stratumseind. I personally found it a bit too loud and it is really for students. Having said that there is a nice craft brewery - the 100 Watt Brewery. If you like craft beer also visit Van Moll.

I would steer you to the Dommelstraat for restaurants and bars.
You simply must visit a traditional Dutch Brown Bar while you are there. These are neighbourhood bars with brown wood panelled walls and are always cosy and friendly. My favourite Brown Bar was the Trafalgar in Dommelstraat.
The traditional Dutch bar snack is bitterballen - you must try them but be careful - they are served at the temperature of molten lava.

The centre of Eindhoven is near the station. It is mostly pedestrianised and there is a huge underground car park - for bicycles. Riding your bike in the pedestrianised streets is not allowed, so use this impressive facility which has security guards.

Cyclists should also take time to see the Hovenring


Some very useful advice. The advice to always get an OV Chipkaart might be a bit outdated though, since nowadays you can simply check in and out of public transport with debit card, credit card, or mobile phone. For more information on that see OVpay.