Easier way to replace templates in Franklin.jl?

I am trynig to test various templates for my website generated by Franklin.jl. Currently I am doing this by newsite("<top directory>", template="<new template name>"), but this seems to overwrite the top directory, which contains the website contents. This makes it difficult to compare different templates for the same website contents.

Is there a way to change the template without overwriting the top directory entirely?

This is not as straightforward as we may like.

One thing you can do is to do newsite(...) multiple times, and copy over everything that’s not _css , _layout or _libs. But I agree that this is not as convenient as doing maybe something like serve(..., template="...") but which would not be trivial to implement as some templates are more coupled with the content (this could be resolved but it’s not on my priority list).

Side note: just checking that you’re aware that this website: https://tlienart.github.io/FranklinTemplates.jl/ shows the different templates each time with a basic website for quick comparisons?

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Thanks for the confirmation! Knowing that this is not straightforward saves my time, as I don’t have to dig in the documentations to find an easy way to do it.

Yes, this template website is very useful! But I wanted to compare the templates with my specific contents.