Franklin website not properly formatted, missing elements

Hello everyone. I am hoping to get some help on why my Franklin-made website looks wrong.

I am using this repo to host this website. I am using the “lanyon” template, which you can check out here. The webpage I am hosting has a number of problems, such as

  • The central top link does not have the text it is supposed to
  • There is no sliding menu
  • The footer is incorrect, and seems to be some generic default
  • The “@def” statement is not rendered, but shown verbaturm

When I do it locally and serve() the site, it looks great. Any idea as for why this is? Am I missing some library that the template requires?

One issue may be that your repo should not have any capital letters. See Creating a GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs under bullet point (3). This was an issue for me couple af weeks ago.

I changed it, and I can not immediatly see any changes to, other than that the link in the top center has the new capitalization.

I think your github pages is rendering those pages automatically with github built-in Jekyll generator instead of using the gh-pages branch (if you right click and view source, you’ll see Jekyll as the generator in one of the HTML tags).

There’s an options in the Pages tab on GitHub that you can play around with.

In the Settings > Pages from your GitHub, you should select following options (as the custom Deploy.yml scripts deploy to gh-pages branch)

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That fixed it, thanks a bunch!

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Super! Also, you may further fix the meta info in the file to better reflect the items proper to your website.

Willdo, thank you