DynamicalSystems.jl online tutorial (livestream series)


Hello everybody!
I’d like to announce an online tutorial I will do for DynamicalSystems.jl, after answering the call here.

Date & Time: May 10 at 9AM PDT / 18:00 CET

Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13hqE_1a158

Below you will find the “formal” announcement me and @xorJane created:

George Datseris from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization will give us an introduction to DynamicalSystems.jl, a Julia package for modeling chaos and nonlinear dynamics. DynamicalSystems.jl is made from the ground up with the principles of clarity, intuition and robustness.

It is already populated by numerous features, like simple definition of dynamical systems, calculation of lyapunov exponents, attractor dimensions, delay coordinates and many more, see below for a list of contents.

DynamicalSystems.jl also aims to be a “library” in the literal sense. All offered functionality is well documented and accompanied with description of the algorithms as well as references to original papers, offering new users plenty of chances to learn new algorithms.

(list of contents: https://juliadynamics.github.io/DynamicalSystems.jl/latest/#contents)

Hope to see some of you there!