Documenter: publish in different languages?

Is it possible to publish documentation with Documenter in more than one language? For example by adding a flag somewhere for the reader to choose which language to read?

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Not directly, see JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl#297, JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl#658, and which builds/translates the Julia docs to chinese).

What you can do is to deploy multiple times to different directories for various languages. For example, the Julia manual deploys to a en directory.

But is there a way to add a switcher somewhere? I did not understand if that is feasible or not at this moment (the Julia docs don’t have that switch). (of course a link in the main page could be an option)

Not through Documenter. I am sure you can modify the HTML to have something like that though.

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Indeed, I keep forgetting that I can add raw html code to Documenter. Thanks again!