Documenter.jl Error: no docs found

I am working on the documentation of a new package to be released soon. I am running locally a very simple version of the make.jl file to debug a partial version of the documentation using argument remotes = nothing in the makedocs() function. I have plenty of errors like this:

┌ Error: no docs found for 'correlationMcTest' in `@docs` 
block in src\multiple comparisons
│ ```@docs
│ correlationMcTest
# more symbols in this docs block

This error in particular, the first throw by Documenter.jl, arises in unit docs\src\multiple comparisons
The symbols in the @docs block are all exported in the main module src\PermutationTests.jl and the documentation that is not found is in unit \src\multCompTests_API.jl.

I am using the latest version of Documenter.jl (1.4.1). I am doing the same thing i have been doing for several packages i published and documented, but I guess i am missing something obvious.

I published all the code here:

Can someone please tell me what i am missing or doing wrong?

At first glance (I did not clone your repo) It looks like your exports might not actually be exports since you have an empty line in line 21 at

and since none of them are exported, they are private (Packagename.function would still work). So if you load your package, are the commands exported?

Yeah, they are exported, the comment does not do anything. I can use them activating the package without specifying the package name. All examples in the doc work fine

Hm, ok: I was not sure about that, but you might be right that after `export´ Julia looks for the next literal word as a name to export and the same after commas.

Next idea – is it enough just to push the ../src zo she load path? That might also be dangerous if you execute the makefile from other than the docs folder. Again, I am not sure, but what I am used to see (or do myself) is to put the package from the repo (with a bit safer form than ../src) into development mode like

as well as activating the docs/ environment.

I tried, but this does not seem to be the problem. I am rewriting the docs in the .jl files; it seems the newer versions of Documenter.jl are more strict on how these should be written. Thanks for your help Ronny.

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From 1.0 onwards they are a bit more strict, but besides these two Tipps I currently do not see why it does not find your docs; hope someone else can help then :slight_smile: