Do Julia resources improve in background?

Code I wrote in December has not undergone significant modification, I’m still using Julia 1.0, and I’ve added no new packages. However, I executed the code over the last few days on the same machine and it appears 4x faster than it was a couple months ago. I’m puzzled. Any thoughts?


Are you using any external packages? Could you perhaps have updated to a newer (and, apparently, faster) version of some package?

Otherwise it’s hard to imagine what’s going on. How did you measure the 4x speed increase?

Thanks for your response.

My code calls for:
import Primes: prime, primes, nextprime
using Profile, Dates

Which made me wonder about Primes.jl … but I saw no updates…
As for speed test, my work deals with a large number of iterations - so when I’ve had data sets up to 10^12, they’ve taken more than 12 hours to complete, now the same run takes a bit more than 3 hours. I suppose any change must have happened in my coding, some tweak, that cleared a way to a faster set of calculations.
Weird, but good weird!

Yeah, that’s probably the most likely. That’s why I strongly recommend using git (or your favorite version control tool) for every project, even if you have no intention of sharing that work or collaborating on it. Myself from > 1 month ago might as well be another person, and I’m always grateful to my past self for using git to track each change in every project.


That’s a good idea. Also, I might go find an old version on my backup and run it. If it runs slow, I the figure out how I inadvertently optimized; runs fast, the mystery continues. :slight_smile: Thanks for your thoughts.