Do I need to re-dowload packages when I downgrade Julia?

Hi all!

I am having some troubles using PackageCompiler recently (whereas it worked fine with Julia 1.8 ~6 months ago), so I thought I needed to downgrade my Julia installation. I tried juliaup and worked fine, installing v1.8.5.

My question is: are there any steps I should do to keep external packages in a compatible state between the two versions? I know files in ~/.julia/environments/ serve this purpose, but may this cause problems with the precompilation of packages? I don’t know, do I need to delete ~/.julia/artifacts or ~/.julia/compiled or anything else when switching? Maybe running ] instantiate?


just re-instantiating should work.

Thanks! But if I try to do ] instantiate in the (already instantiated) project, I get

(ARMCortexM4Model) pkg> instantiate
┌ Warning: The active manifest file has dependencies that were resolved with a different julia version (1.9.0). Unexpected behavior may occur.

(where ARMCortexM4Model is my project). Deleting Manifest.toml solves it. Is this all that is needed?

oh right, you may need to resolve also.

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