Working with 2 versions of julia with the same packages installed

I want packages installed for preinstalled version 1.6.7 of Julia to work for newlly installed 1.8.5
version without new installation of these packages. Is that possible and what to do ?
thanks for contributions.

Afaik, Julia stores installed packages in a hidden folder (e.g., ~/.julia/packages in my home directory on Ubuntu). Thus, you can use one and the same package on different julia versions (without installing it twice). You simply need to add it in your new version.

I think it should also work if you copy/paste the Manifest.toml and Project.toml from, e.g., ~/.julia/environments/v1.6 to ~/.julia/environments/v1.8 . This should “copy” all packages from one version to another.

However, I recommend to work with project-specific environments and instantiate them each time you work on that project. This way there is no need to transfer installed packages from one julia version to another. However, keep in mind old package versions need not be compatible with new julia version (this happens sometimes).

thanks for mike_k. I think your last suggestion to work with the two versions on the same specific-environment is the best.