DMG & Build alternative for MacOS

Company firewall now blocks all dmg file downloads (and xcode on Macbook) so I can’t install current version of Julia or build from source! Forced to stay with 1.5 as that was the last version I can use with direct downloads.

I understand that dmg file is a natural for MacOS, but I cant download it within corp firewalls. Some firms may allow it, mine just won’t, I tried!.

Please, please, oh please make MacOS versions available again in formats other than .dmg files.

Also tried JILL (same issue, it also tries to download dmg and gets blocked)

Mac builds are available as both dmg and .tar.gz, just replace the extension in the download link. But you might want to talk to your IT department :).

FYI, Juliaup actually downloads those tarballs instead of the DMG files, so you might also want to try that.

Thanks, this worked.

Hopefully the tar file will also be linked on the main download page to help other folks!

Also, for those who stumbled here with the same issue, here’s the next problem you might face.
Most corp macbooks will also mark the internet downloaded binaries and block them from executing.

If you list the file and see an ‘@’ sign after the filename, that indicates extended attributes on the file.
You need elevated privileges or reach out to tech support to run this for you.

$ xattr < your-downloaded-file >
…some other attribs…

$ xattr -d < your-downloaded-file >

This should unblock the file and then you can extract the file and use julia from the bin directory as normal.