Displaying rack diagrams in Pluto - or in general really

If I have some data which I want to be displayed as rectangular boxes which contain a name, what is a good way of doing this?
Specifically these are rack diagrams - which are normally displayed in Visio or indeed Excel as a set of rectangular boxes in rows - usually 42 rows for a normal rack heigh, but up to 48

My idea is to display these in a Pluto notebook and be able to reactively change the display as the servers and switches in the rack are changed.

Aha: this seems to be available in Python

This kind of thing is not to hard with either Composte.jl or Luxor.
Both of which should display fine in Pluto etc.

Would be a neat little library to make.

Other cool way to do it would be to write a Plots.jl recipe.

Thankyou @oxinabox I looked at the Plots recipes - that would seem the way to go.
I will first look at the other packages, being a lazy so and so!