Display the functions, procedures and dependencies

I am new to julia. I want to know is there any tool available to analyze the code and display the dependecies of functions, procedures, tables, api and external files?
Also I want to know the possibility of using zeroMQ inside Julia and its pros and cons

Your quick response appreciated.

There is ZMQ.jl for using ZeroMQ in Julia. I’ve used it, and it works. I ran into a few speed issues with many small messages, and I’ve had long response times for my PRs.

You might like TraceCalls.jl for looking at what functions call.

We use ZeroMQ, via our own Julia wrapper that Maarten Heremans wrote for Dynactionize.com.
We’ve beeen very happy with that.
If ZMQ.jl is not performant, or being updated, maybe I can convince Maarten to make that open source.

It’s also worth noting that ZMQ.jl is used by IJulia.jl which is (by some measures) the single most popular Julia package, so ZMQ.jl is actually extremely widely used in the Julia ecosystem. Most people just don’t interact with it directly.

That said, I do agree that the current implementation isn’t ideal for sending lots of small messages.

current implementation has some performance problem. Probably it might need to be updated.