Utilities for Reactive.jl

I don’t know if this is the best title, but I’d really like to use Reactive.jl in an upcoming project where we stream data from a scientific instrument to our cluster for analysis. Using OnlineStats.jl for analysis and then programming decision making to control the instrument.

I’d like to use Reactive.jl for this. However, I don’t see any utility functions for interfacing with real incoming data streams. I was thinking something utilizing ZMQ (or lower-level Julia base sockets) and interfacing with various Julia structs like DataFrames or Timeseries. (I’d also like to use them for financial data streams eventually)

Has this already been done? Or am I just thinking of this in the wrong way? If not, I’m happy to contribute while I make/use them.


DataStreams doesn’t look like what I need. It seems to be specifically geared towards tabular data I/O. I’m thinking something more along the line of streamz. I’ll reach out to the Reactive.jl people though, and throw together a sample code of what I have in mind. Thanks!

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Python tributary https://github.com/timkpaine/tributary/ may be interesting also…

but I’m looking for a similar tools for Julia

See Data stream library comparable to Python streamz or tributary