Discussing products

I have recently contributed to a thread on big data. I work as a Principal HPC Engineer at Dell. We work with leading edge technologies and some very interesting projects all over the world.
I promote projects which we work with in the spirit of informing people what is possible and what is being done which they might tap into or learn more about.
Yes, i am proud of my companies products and I really do not intend to annoy anyone here.

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Can you tell them to stop illegally tacking hidden charges onto customer’s bills? (for reference) Worse Than Walmart: Dell G5 5000 PC’s Garbage Parts & Hidden Charges - YouTube and Dell SCAMMED Me - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 4 - YouTube

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I find your comments interesting @johnh, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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I don’t see it as a problem if the intent is to inform and not to overtly market and sell.

Your posts so far have been informative, letting people know of solutions they may not be aware of. It’s good to have an experienced HPC engineer on the forum, we can learn a lot from you.

Overtly marketing and selling would be posting marketing materials, always mentioning products in answers, creating posts just to illustrate applications of your products, only writing about your products, and overall shilling for your products. I haven’t seen you do that.