DigitSet still useful?

Hi All,
As a newbie, here comes my second question. StepIn the youtube video by Stefan Karpinski (Keynote): Julia for Data Analysis and Beyond. He shows the use of DigitSet but when I searched for it in help it states that it does not exist. Am I missing something? The video is from 2018 so it might have been changed. If so what do we use now?

Thanks a lot!

It looks like the DigitSet struct is a custom type defined within the example Stefan is presenting. It’s not intrinsic to Julia – to solve problems with Julia, you often create a custom type to describe your data. The syntax has changed since 2018 though, now to create an immutable struct you would write

struct DigitSet

Thank you! This explains the error I get.

That video is quite old, but the DigitSet that’s coded up there is just a toy example of how easy it is to add optimized data representations and behaviors. As a slightly more concrete (and fun) example, check out Cards.jl.