Julia set data structure

I have a question on the set data structure in base Julia. As far as I understand, it is mutable, with O(1) membership, and adding an element is done with push!, which modifies the set.

Is there a “functional” set collection that is immutable and for which “adding” elements proceeds by sharing? Or a simple way to emulate this behavior with the default set structure? At the moment, I am using

 (s,x) -> union(s, Set(x))

in order to get a new set with x added without modifying s but it is probably not very efficient.

https://github.com/JuliaLang/FunctionalCollections.jl ?

That was written a while ago and has had very light maintenance, but it may work.

Well, it’s code is very simple. The tests fail, but it probably just needs some PRs to update from deprecated syntax. Sounds like a very good contribution opportunity for a newcomer.

Chris, I was glad to see such an opportunity pointed out. Thanks!

I gave it a go here RFC: syntax update by felixrehren · Pull Request #29 · JuliaCollections/FunctionalCollections.jl · GitHub and would appreciate any help in improving the PR until it is useful :slight_smile:

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