Difficulty with Downloading IJulia

I have bought new computer today with small SSD and a 1TB HDD. Have already downloaded Python and Anaconda. Want to use Julia in Jupyter notebooks. Downloaded Julia. No Problem. Attempted to download IJulia using Package manager ie using ‘]’ to switch to manager and after downloading Julia complained unrecognised server response. Then tried 'using Pkg /n Pkg.add(“IJulia”) ’ route and it complained again asking me to send bug report. This time have recorded what was said by using Snip software to capture the screen (in 3 parts).

Sorry cannot insert screenshots to display diagnostic messages.

This does not address your actual problem, but may render it moot for you: consider using Pluto instead of Jupyter. It only works with Julia, but if you don’t need multi-kernel support, it is significantly better than Jupyter.

You shouldn’t use screenshots anyway. Use copy and paste to post the exact error message as text; otherwise it’s pretty hard to help you. (I’m guessing you are using Windows: Rumor has it that copy-and-paste is even possible in the Windows console, though you should really install Windows Terminal instead.)