@df macro under StatsPlots

I have used “using StatsPlots;@df df plot(:a, [:b :c], colour = [:red :blue])”. Once I have got the result. But later on it has been showing @df not defined. How to fix it? Please help me out here.

Just to understand better what happened:
You called using StatsPlots;@df df plot(:a, [:b :c], colour = [:red :blue]) once in your Julia terminal (REPL) and it worked. And another time, where the same code didn’t work?

Could you call using StatsPlots (each time you use @df the session needs to have loaded StatsPlots)? Did you use the same Julia environment?

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Thanks for your kind response. I called using StatsPlots each time.

Can you show the full error message? And, if possible, a minimal example which causes the error?

Should be something like

using StatsPlots, DataFrames
df = DataFrame(a=1:10,b=rand(10),c=rand(10))
@df df plot(:a, [:b,:c], colour = [:red,:blue])

(This code runs fine on my computer, with StatsPlots v0.14.13)

It could also help to get your Julia version and the version of StatsPlots. The version of StatsPlots can be displayed by entering ] into the REPL and then status StatsPlots.

[f3b207a7] StatsPlots v0.14.13

It has worked now. Thank you. If I find such problems, I will come to you. Thank you.

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