Dev packages based on different versions of julia, what to do?

In my project I have created various dev packages in the past. I’ve been working with mainly a couple packages lately (which depend on most older packages). As Julia get updated, these couple new packages get updated with the new version of Julia, now at 1.9.3. Today, I noticed my older packages are based on earlier versions of Julia, like 1.7.2, or 1.8.1, etc, shown in the toml files. But when I run the new packages with Julia 1.9.3, there is no report about problems with older packages (so I never noticed they are based on earlier Julia).

So my question is what is going on, or what should I do now?

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Old packages should still work on all julia 1.x versions!

Unlike some other popular languages we have backwards compatibility and proper semantic versioning - packages normally just keep working. This may not be true if you use internal functions or parts of the interface that explicitly were not guaranteed to remain the same, like a few things in the Threads module.

The julia version specified in a Project.toml file is usually the minimum version. (Or do you mean Manifest.toml files?)

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