"Dequeues" vs "deques"

Am pretty new to Julia, I guess this has been discussed before. Anyway…

In the Julia documentation there’s a heading Dequeues. I gather this is a variant spelling of Deques, both pronounced decks. Isn’t that needlessly confusing? Dequeue is also a verb, de-kew, in this field, while Deque deck is not, plus I’m not sure it makes any sense to pronounce ‘Dequeues’ as decks. (Maybe it all makes sense if you pronounce both nouns de-kew.)

I looked at the wikipedia page, which says the ‘dequeues’ spelling is deprecated, although some libraries and a couple of books use it.

Is there any (good) reason changing the spelling to Deques wouldn’t be better? Thanks.

As a non-native english speaker Deque is not immediately clearer. I would need to check de precise difinition for both of the cases. If it is an abbreviation, why not explicitly writting “Double-ended queues”? Anyway I suppose you can open a pull request to the documentation repository and It can be discussed in there!


In DataStructures.jl, it is Deque:

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