Dependencies problem in new Pkg

Hi guys!

I am making my packages ready for v0.7 but I am facing a problem. In new Pkg, I added my package using:

]add SatelliteToolbox
dev SatelliteToolbox

The problem is that, in the tests, it says that the package ReferenceFrameRotations is not available. However, it is a dependency of SatelliteToolbox. Thus, the tests are failing. It only worked when I manually add the ReferenceFrameRotations. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

You cannot use “recurisve dependencies”. If you need to import it, it should be declared as a dependency. This is intended.

Hi @kristoffer.carlsson

I am not using recursive dependencies. SatelliteToolbox depends on ReferenceFrameRotations. Not the contrary.

In the old Pkg, when I add SatelliteToolbox, then ReferenceFrameRotations is added and everything works.

Maybe this warning can make things clear:

ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package SatelliteToolbox does not have SparseArrays in its dependencies:
 - If you have SatelliteToolbox checked out for development and have
   added SparseArrays as a dependency but haven't updated your primary
   environment's manifest file, try `Pkg.resolve()`.
 - Otherwise you may need to report an issue with SatelliteToolbox.

By the way, this is the REQUIRE file:

julia 0.6
Parameters 0.9.0
ReferenceFrameRotations 0.2.1

EDIT: Unfortunately I copied the wrong message error above :frowning: please do not consider it

Do you have a link to e.g a Travis log where this fails.

In Travis it works, it is falling when I start to develop the package in my machine using dev of the new Pkg system.

Ok, what if you manually pull the latest version by going into dev?

It does not work either. I needed to manually add the package ReferenceFrameRotations.

I mean, only after:

]add ReferenceFrameRotations

that things started to work.

Where are you importing the package? In the REPL or from Satellite...?

ah! in runtests.jl I need to import it also.

using Test

using DelimitedFiles
using LinearAlgebra
using Printf
using ReferenceFrameRotations
using SatelliteToolbox

Btw, I saw the problem when running julia runtests.jl.

Another question, can I use

julia 0.7

in REQUIRE? Because after the new commit, the package is not compatible anymore with v0.6.

Did you try doing Pkg.resolve() (i.e. resolve at the pkg prompt)?

Yes I did, but unfortunately this was not the error message that I wanted to paste. The other problem with the ReferenceFrameRotations package was not fixed by Pkg.resolve().