Delete docs for a release (Documenter.jl)

So I’ve updated my package for Julia 1.0, created a release, which passes Travis, but the Metadata PR (via attobot) somehow failed and I’m too stupid to understand why. So I have given up on this for now and deleted my release and tag. However Documenter.jl has built the documentation for the no-longer existing release and dutifully dumped it to my gh-pages branch. For consistency, is there a way to delete the documentation for this release?

Remove the folder from gh-pages and remove the corresponding entry in the gh-pages/versions.js file.

I guess that works, thanks.

How about aliases like “latest” and “release-0.x” which pointed to the deleted release?

Feel free to remove them too.

How could I make them point to the previous release? Is there a way to rerun Documenter on the older release so that the aliases would be regenerated?

Yea, you can just re-trigger the relevant Travis run.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Re-triggering Travis has re-created the “stable” and “release-0.x” aliases, but not the “latest”. I guess I’ll live without it for now…

latest is build if run from e.g. master. You probably re-triggered a tag-build?

Yes. I’ll just live without it until next time I commit to master.
Thanks for your help!