Default method used to display the results of cell evaluation

As the title suggests, I would like to know what specific method is called to display the results of the evaluated cell in Pluto.

The problem that I am trying to solve is why Latexify.jl works for real symbolic matrices from Symbolics.jl, but not for complex symbolic ones.

I have to figure out the dispatch tree, and for that I need to know which specific method of display, show or whatever function Pluto uses by default.

It uses show with the MIME type text/latex. The list of used MIME types used by Pluto.jl is here: Pluto.jl/PlutoRunner.jl at c9ac544dbbd3fdbc3aabaf89ea911101f42a1026 · fonsp/Pluto.jl · GitHub

Symbolics implements that here

To extend it, you need to implement something like, ::MIME"text/latex", x::YourType) = print(io, "\$\$ " * latexify(x) * " \$\$")

where YourType is the type you want to support.

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