[Deadline 15 June 2021] 2y post-doc on {forest, carbon} using {analysis, modelling, LCA} at {INRAE, BETA UMR} in {Nancy,France, Montpellier, France or Dijon, France}

A 2-years position is open for a modeller to analyse and integrate several models (a Life Cycle Analysis one, a forest-growth one and a forest-sector one) and provide new evidences on the role of forest sector in climate change mitigation. The physical location of this post-doc is in France (either Nancy, Montpellier or Dijone).
Possibility to use Julia (the forest-sector model is in C++ and Julia).
Gross salary ~2600€/month + 10% at the end of the contract and benefits

Full announcement: Nextcloud

(ps: French not required)