DataFrames unicode output disable?

I use cygwin for most of my work and as an April fool’s joke, they decided to break unicode output in terminals (interestingly the cygwin shell terminal AND ALL the X-window terminals are broken, meaning it’s a top-level system problem). This used to work just fine. This has turned the println output of dataframes into garbage.

So unless somebody knows how to fixe unicode in cygwin I was hoping there might be a magic flag to create non-unicode output of DataFrames when using printlin.


oops. my apologies to the cygwin team… i just downloaded a UTF-8 test file with what I assume are unicode test symbols and it works flawlessly, and i see all sorts of interesting symbols being displayed correctly.

I did verify that everything displays correctly in a julia command shell.

so, at this point i’m pretty stuck. so annoying, I really like Julia’s unicode support :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m not quite following what the problem is. Could you post a screenshot?

This is what i get

1×3 DataFrame
Γöé Row Γöé field1 Γöé field2 Γöé field3 Γöé
Γöé Γöé String Γöé Int64 Γöé Float64 Γöé
Γöé 1 Γöé foo Γöé 1 Γöé 3.0 Γöé

I’m quite sure this is neither a Julia or DataFrames problem, i’m just looking for a work-around. Even though it seems like cygwin is displaying unicode correctly i’m fairly certain this started after i upgraded cygwin. i know that it broke some things…

There isn’t an option to print without unicode characters. This is definitely frustrating though. Maybe use Jupyter?

yeah . it’s actually just become more than annoying.

i can’t actually figure out what some responses are, and so don’t know how to extract the information from them.

so the obvious answer is, turn it into something other than a dataframe.

There must be a way to turn the result into an array of arrays or array of named tuples, or sowething like that ?


aha. I forgot about this trick, x is a dataframe,

julia> Array(x)
2×2 Array{Tuple{Symbol,Int64},2}:
(:foo, 1) (:foo, 1)
(:bar, 10) (:bar, 10)

btw, notice that even printing out an array gives some strange glyphs at the start…:cry:

It used to work !!