DataFrames reorder columns in place

If a dataframe is defined as:
df_dummy = DataFrame(A=[1,2,3],B=["A","B","C"],ID =[121,321,421])
How can I change the order of one or more columns and modify the dataframe in place? If I want to make ID the first column and B the last column.

julia> df_dummy = DataFrame(A=[1,2,3],B=["A","B","C"],ID =[121,321,421])
3Γ—3 DataFrame
 Row β”‚ A      B       ID
     β”‚ Int64  String  Int64
   1 β”‚     1  A         121
   2 β”‚     2  B         321
   3 β”‚     3  C         421

julia> select!(df_dummy, :ID, Not([:ID, :B]), :B)
3Γ—3 DataFrame
 Row β”‚ ID     A      B
     β”‚ Int64  Int64  String
   1 β”‚   121      1  A
   2 β”‚   321      2  B
   3 β”‚   421      3  C

Note that select!(df_dummy, :ID, Not(:B), :B) is a bit shorter and would also work because the selection is evaluated left to right. But I think explicitly excluding :ID is more clear in conveying the intention.

Similarly if you knew you have exactly 3 columns you can just write select!(df_dummy, :ID, :A, :B). The expression I have given above is general and would allow any number of columns in the middle.


Thank you. I use select a lot but never realised it can be used this way

We try to minimize the number of functions that users need to learn as they are already quite complex :smiley:.

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I don’t know if it is exactly the columns permutation you are looking for, but it could be an equivalent way of achieving the same result