Current Status of ppc64le Support

I was wondering what the status of Julia support for the ppc64le architecture is for the most recent versions of Julia (v1.5.1+). I saw in this GitHub Issue discussion that there were talks of working with IBM to make this happen back in March but wasn’t sure if this has gotten any traction.


It’s kind of working, but not particularly supported. There is some interest by various parties that run large ppc64 machines to make more support happen, so if your question is because you’d like to use one of these machines, the best way to make these things happen is to request official Julia support from the centers that run them.


Thanks for the quick reply. I have been trying to install Julia on a Power machine but have had trouble getting past some library issues on RHEL. Was mainly wondering if people have had success getting it running on these machines with the new Julia versions to decide if I should keep trying to make it work.

For the record : I compile on power/redhat without any glitch (and without any Make.user). You can try the file


at following URL

It will stay downloadable for 30 days.

Hi jdad,

Thanks for the response. Was wondering if you could repost that tar file as the link you posted just says “file doesn’t exist” for me.

Seems that the link must be accessed in a browser, then you have to click on “Valider et télécharger le fichier” button. I post a new link here that may work better

for the record, old link :
new link :

I now try also with another free service, but it also seems it work similarly with Web validation ?

If you have a better idea for a free file repository/server, please say it, I then would try it .
In the meantime, I hope one of those above works. Good luck !

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The new link worked for me. Thank you!

Hi any follow up on this?

AFAIK, 1.7.2 compiles OK on ppc64le (I could give you (tomorrow) a link if you wish a binary), but 1.8.0beta3 and later fails - LLVM issue … possibly Julia team has solved it in next version, but I didnt tried again since a month.

Here is a link to the ppc64le installation tar (julia-1.7.2-linuxppc6...tar.gz)

The file should remains on this server for about a month.

Hope it helps