Julia 0.7 nightlies for ppc64le


Does anyone have a working link for 0.7 precompiled nightlies for ppc64le? The link on the download page shows:

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For the time being, we are not providing official binaries for PowerPC.

We used to have a buildbot set up for ppc64le but that went down several months ago. We’ve been in contact with the folks who run it and apparently their infrastructure is undergoing significant upgrades. Once that’s done we should be able to get the buildbot back online and continue to provide ppc64le release and nightly binaries. We’ll be sure to provide an announcement once the binaries are available again.

I tried to build from source, but build failed with:

LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: 0x1001429f510: i64 = addrspacecast[0 -> 10] 0x1001429f4a0
  0x1001429f4a0: i64,ch = load<LD8[@"jl_global#3"](tbaa=<0x1001421ca88>)> 0x100142300b0, 0x1001429dfe0, undef:i64
    0x1001429dfe0: i64,ch = PPCISD::TOC_ENTRY<LD8[GOT]> TargetGlobalAddress:i64<%jl_value_t** @"jl_global#3"> 0, Register:i64 %X2
      0x1001429fa50: i64 = TargetGlobalAddress<%jl_value_t** @"jl_global#3"> 0
      0x1001429d090: i64 = Register %X2
    0x1001429d480: i64 = undef
In function: japi1_anonymous_0

Any help is appreciated…

Hello, have you resolved this compilation issue? I have also encountered similar problems.

Please create a separate post/GitHub issues with more information about what your are system, what you are seeing, what version of Julia etc…