Creation of Images domain

Can someone with privileges create a Images domain?

Thank you.

There already is a Visualization domain (#domain:viz). Why should Images be a separate one? (Not saying it shouldn’t, just asking.)

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Let’s make do with Visualization for now.

Images is about image processing, not visualization. We have JuliaImages organization on GitHub for instance.

Then maybe ImageProcessing is a more suitable category?

A few topics around images may overlap with the Signal Processing category. But overall Images is a subcategory of Visualization. Given that there is no option for third level categories, I also believe that Visualization should be used to post image related topics. I updated the description to state that. However, an images tag should be created.

I believe that Images is completely separate from Visualization. I would never lookup questions about images in Visualization, perhaps in Signal Processing, but is still too broad of a domain. When I think of signal processing I think of a 1D time series, not 2D, 3D images, etc.

Why do we have two organizations on GitHub (JuliaImages + JuliaDSP) but only one domain in Discourse? Shouldn’t we follow the organizations more or less?


Current consensus favors broad categories and:

Considering how images is one of the impressive strong points of Julia I agree with juliohm on this one.
Given the choices I would vote for using Signal Processing with an “Images” tag before Visualization.

I would be keen on having an Image Processing or Computer Vision domain. In many ways image processing / computer vision is the inverse of visualization.

With visualization the input is some data and the output is an image that communicates information about the data.

With Image processing / computer vision the input is an image and the output is some information derived from the image (which might be in the form of another image).

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Folks, we’ve created a ton of domains, half of which have no posts. I’ve gotten feedback from various people that this seems silly and that the amount of talk about categories is annoying. So let’s cool it on categorization for a while. If there’s a clear need for a separation of Images from Visualization, we can make a new domain. For now, use Visualization.


Or the tag “Images” in the general Usage category.