Creating Cheatsheets


I was thinking of preparing a cheatsheet for string manipulation in Julia for my CL class. However, I have no idea how to write one following the usual cheatsheet format we all know and love. Does anybody know of a blueprint or some kind of pattern I could follow to prepare such a cheasheet efficiently?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




The last time I looked this template was the best I could find.


It seems great! Thank you very much!

@tk3369 created a DataFrames.jl cheatsheet and may have some tips

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Very useful comment! I just messaged him!

I quite like the cheatsheets on the hackingcpp website.

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Seems interesting. Was not aware of this format. Any idea/link with guidance for preparing such a cheatsheet?

I really like the rStudio cheat sheet format.

Yes! These are my favourite ones. But, the question is whether there is a latex pattern or some other sort of pattern that one could use as a blueprint for creating new cheatsheets, such as the one that @BeastyBlacksmith mentioned above.

I’ve made a few cheat sheets over the years at Refcards - Michael Goerz

The latex code is linked from that page, or you can go directly to the GitHub repo at GitHub - goerz/Refcards: Various original reference cards (cheat sheets)

To be fair, the “accepted answer” is prettier :wink:

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FYI: I just use Google Slides for the DataFrames.jl cheat sheet.

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Thanks for the link to the repo! They also look nice and very practical, especially for “dense” cheatsheets where you have to include lots of info. I was thinking of a much “sparser” cheasheet format for time being.

These are really nice, I have to admit!

However, I will stick to @BeastyBlacksmith 's recommendation so that people get to know the latex template and probably develop it into something even better than its current version.