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I started a package that I hope is useful. It is a kind of TLDR for Julia, and I’m calling it Jet.jl for now.

It provides a REPL with } (Thanks to ReplMaker.jl)

using Jet

And so far 2 ways of using it:

jet> pkg:DataFrames

Tools for working with tabular data.

- Create a new DataFrame by passing the column headers and contents
  `df = DataFrame(A = 1:3, B = [:odd, :even, :odd])`


jet> cmd:chol
- Solve a linear system `Ax = b` using the Cholesky factorization
  `F = cholesky(A)
  F \ b`

I would like to know if this is useful for the community and invite people to contribute. I think creating entries should probably feed the Hacktoberfest of everyone here :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention!


This is great. There are issues opened in the Julia to implement paging in the ? mode to quickly pull up basic documentation for package commands. But paging is hard, so in the meantime there is the notion of extended docs (#34226).

With extended docs, the onus is on the package developer to add in the functionality. With a package like yours, you have to build a database yourself which likely leads to frustrations when a command isn’t present.

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That’s cool, I didn’t know about extended docs. I might update some of my packages in the next few weeks. I’m hoping this package is useful in a different direction, though. Sometimes I’m looking for an obscure usage or some one-liners that the help won’t have. For instance, someone asked me the other day how to do a matrix comprehension with a formula, and that is not related to any package. But if there was some information like that on Jet, he could write jet> cmd:matrix comprehension and it would return something that could at least provide a starting point.

I do agree with the last phrase, it may be frustrating to not have commands, which is why I’m first figuring out whether this is of interest to the community before I devote many more hours to this project.
One thing I would love is an improved new_snippet system. Currently, it simply adds the snippet to your local data, but I hope there’s something we could do to submit that data.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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