Creating a simple price-guessing website

I would like to create a (relatively) simple website where users can:

  1. Register using Google.
  2. Look at random historic 30-day stock charts for tickers on NYSE and Nasdaq.
  3. Enter if the stock looked at will RISE or FALL over the next 10 days.
  4. See what happened.
  5. Track their right / wrong answers.

I am writing to get advice about how I can use Julia and related technologies to accomplish my goal. Ideally, I would like to know if there are worked examples that I can translate to my purpose.

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I don’t have too much to add, but I’m bookmarking this to keep me in the loop.

I would guess you want to break down the project into smaller bits to see what is needed.

Where are you getting the data? With what frequency? How will you performantly display it? (NB: you should check the licensing agreements because you are displaying the data publicly)

I’d guess that storing the prices in some memory-mapped format would be best (HDF5? Arrow?), and displaying them with some small javascript library would be the easiest and the least resource intensive. Nobody has a Julia wrapper for Lightweight Charts yet, but that is what came to mind here.

I am not familiar with any Julia packages for handling authentication/accounts with Google (or any services).

For the general web dev parts of this, see GitHub - GenieFramework/Genie.jl: The highly productive Julia web framework or GitHub - GenieFramework/Stipple.jl: The reactive UI library for interactive data applications with pure Julia. for help/inspiration.


I would say that such task would easier being done with a traditional cms, like Drupal or WordPress, perhaps with developing a small plugin …

I’ve done a stock price viewer using only Dash.jl and Market Data.jl, hosted on heroku - extremely simple and efficient.

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